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Vsolution provides a complete range of benefits of studies articulated around two divisions: Pole engineering, Pole...

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Vsolution enhance the development of key industrial sectors by offering high value-added studies…

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Since 2005, we are working with large industrial groups by offering several types of activity: mechanical design...

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Who we are ?


Vsolution is an international group of consulting engineering and industrial computing, it devoted himself entirely to the sectors of the industry.

Strong of its engineers and Consultants Experts Vsolution assists its clients in all stages of project, works on research and development, research and Innovation programmes and experimental projects.

Every day, Vsolution deploys its energy and gives life to the more complex projects through a variety of trades.

Vsolution is specialized in the realization of studies and development for key tertiary and industrial sectors (automotive, aeronautical, naval and marine, energy, oil & gas, offshore, space, defence, medical, banking, finance, insurance…).


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Vsolution France :

  +33 1 42 96 37 36

236 avenue Charles de Gaulle,
Hall C , 3ème étage
78150 Le Chesany

   Vsolution Morocco :

  +212 5 22 22 05 31
57 Boulevard Abdelmoumen,
Imm Al Hadi A, 4ème étage
20360 Casablanca